Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Twenty Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. One of my pet peeves is windshield wipers moving at an unnecessary rate.

2. I wrote a novel over the span of three years.

3. I can't eat anything remotely spicy. Even table pepper scares me.

4. I can rap "Gangsta's Paradise" in its entirety. Please don't tempt me.

5. I hiccup on average once every couple of hours. Just once.

6. I ran myself over with my parents' station wagon when I was 4 years old.

7. I own 17 pairs of boots. And I'm not ashamed.

8. I was president of my high school debate club. Of that, I'm a little ashamed.

9. I have never used an airplane bathroom. Yes, I've been on international flights. I just have a really well-trained bladder.

10. As a child I had two imaginary friends- a little boy named Bean and his dog Sushi. Strangely enough, I had no idea what sushi was until high school.

11. Last year I went six months without a single sip of beer. Obviously the wine was still flowing.

12. I have a strange obsession with William Faulkner.

13. I'm terrified of large birds (i.e. geese).

14. I can't wink.

15. I still believe in ghosts.

16. I took my first steps on Saint Patrick's Day. As my father later remarked, it was probably the last time I'd be able to walk on that holiday.

17. I've never broken a bone nor been admitted to the hospital for an ailment. (Knock on wood).

18. The only time I've ever been to Ohio is the time I jogged there from Kentucky with my brother.

19. As an English major all four years of college, I only read three books. The rest of the time I loaded up on SparkNotes and used a combination of common sense and luck to get by. After I graduated, I felt bad for "cheating" the system, so I went back and read almost all of the books I'd avoided during college.

20. Last summer I walked the entire circumference of Figure Eight Island in one day.

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