Thursday, October 17, 2013

Uncommon Displays of Kindness

There's a story that has been in the news this week that has really struck a chord with me.
Two down syndrome students at a high school in Florida were crowned Homecoming King and Queen.
What an absolutely wonderful story.
It really gives you a sense of pride in that we, as Americans, still have the ability to be kind-hearted, loving human beings.  
But then, of course, the peanut gallery pipes up.
In the comments related to the article on the website, several people remark that we shouldn't have to highlight this as a top news story, simply due to the fact that these types of displays of kindness should be commonplace.
Sure, in a perfect society, this would be an everyday practice.
Everyone would be treated equally, and no one would judge others on the basis of their appearance.
We would all get along peacefully and the heavens would shine down upon us.
Apparently these naysayers are not familiar with the America of today.
The human condition is in no way a perfect, or even semi-perfect element.
This is not the America we knew back in the 1940's.
Our world is a terrifying reality where horrible things take place.
Where wars and profanity and constant bullying and terrorism and downright hate are the elements that comprise our modern society.
It's hard to watch the news these days. We're constantly being reminded of the overwhelming dangers and vulgarity that surround us in our lives.
So when something this wonderful takes place, as a direct result of the kindness of high schoolers nonetheless, it bears acknowledgement.
There is still good in this world.
With that said, it is important for us to focus in on the loving kindness that often goes unnoticed in our lives, and stop giving so much credence to the evil in this world.

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