Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Card Archive

Ah, Christmas cards. Who doesn't love a sneak peak at other people's families? I must say, in looking back through my mom's album of past Christmas cards, my brother and I were adorably photogenic. And Highball, our English Springer Spaniel, had to be a part of the scene more often than not. Now if we aren't the most American-looking family, I just don't know who is.
My brother's busy plucking out the dog's hair, and
I'm just perfecting my "good girl" act for Santa Clause.
At least the dog knows what's up.

It seems I ate the special brownies that night.
Perhaps my brother did too, because he looks utterly confused.
I look like I'm up to no good.
My brother looks like he's unaware of the camera.

Velvet and lace? What was my mother thinking?
At least she knew I deserved a photo sans the little brother.
Before the "ladies always cross their legs" lesson
was bestowed upon me, apparently.
Apparently we're part of the Von Trapp family.

Is my brother wearing clam diggers and knee socks?
But seriously, what's going on there?

Singing merrily at our grandmother's house.
My mother looks like she's ready to kill us.
The "I don't understand why you're still taking pictures after twenty minutes" smile.
I better have a plate of mac 'n cheese waiting for me when we're done.

Ah, yes. Those awkward years where I had a boy's haircut
and my brother had gigantic Harry Potter glasses.
I was too cute for words.
Sadly, my brother was born the following February
and thus stole my limelight forever.

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