Thursday, December 18, 2014

Foxie's 90th Birthday

The entire family gathered in Henderson, NC this weekend to celebrate the 90th birthday of my grandmother, Foxie. Good times were had by all, and it was so nice to catch up with those family members I haven't seen in a couple of years. Unfortunately I got so caught up with chatting that I didn't take as many pictures as I hoped, Nevertheless, I did get some good ones.
I found a picture of my grandmother when she was about my age. (She appears to be slightly buzzed in this picture, which confirms that we're very much related.)
Beau got upset when a few of us left him with the other dogs at Foxie's house while we ate lunch at the country club.
Later, my dad, brother, and my brother's girlfriend and I decided to take Beau and my mom's dog Ellie for a walk on the golf course. The weather was absolutely fantastic.
Before the party started on Saturday night I found my grandmother's lynx coat in the closet. Since it was cold outside and I had forgotten to pack my own coat, my mom told me to wear this one if I went outside during the evening. And wear it I did.
This was one of the many handles of whiskey that was consumed in its entirety over the course of the night. One of my older cousins (he's 36 with three children) polished off the Woodford Reserve and spent the early hours of the morning asleep with his head on the toilet. Bless his heart.
A picture of all the cousins except one. This picture isn't to be confused with our annual cousins Christmas picture, which includes all my second cousins on my mom's side as well.
Foxie opening her gifts. She decided that she had her own unique way of wearing her princess tiara, and also wanted to sport her new boot slippers that one of my uncles gave her. That same uncle spent the evening calling her "Princess Xena, Warrior Princess".

This was taken at the end of the night. People were obviously enjoying themselves and getting a little rowdy in the process.

Beau was so exhausted by 11:00 he could barely keep his eyes open, so he retreated to the couch for a quick catnap.

To tell you the truth, I didn't last much longer than Beau. Around 11:30 I asked my youngest cousin (16 and sober) to drive me back to the hotel so that I could call it a night. I may have taken an early departure, but I was still able to enjoy the story of events the next day with everyone else.

And it still boggles my mind that my grandmother is 90. May she live to see many more birthdays!

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