Monday, January 12, 2015

Breaking the Fast

At last, the day has arrived! I've got all my ingredients ready to go, my plan of action is all written out, and the world is my oyster. No pun intended.

First things first, I decided to start off with a blended smoothie I'd read about on one of the fasting websites (can't remember which one), made up of blueberry, watermelon, and cinnamon diluted with mostly water. I blended all the ingredients together and spent the better part of the morning sipping it slowly. As it turns out, it tasted pretty good. I wouldn't mind having one of these every so often.

Around noon, I decided to step it up a notch. I steamed some tomatoes and squash noodles (I know, I'm a bit obsessed with my new spiralizer) and ate those with a bowl of mixed fruit and a glass of diluted grape juice. So far, so good. My body seemed to be taking it all in pretty well.

Now, here's where things could have gotten a little complicated. I'm not sure exactly why, but I was beginning to have intense cravings for cashews. Since nuts and dairy aren't supposed to be eaten in my current phase, I knew I shouldn't even think about it. However, the craving just got worse. So I did what some of the fasting articles suggested, and I "listened to my body". I ate a bowl of cashews like they were going out of style. And luckily, I was fine afterward. But my later research indicated that eating nuts or proteins after a long fast is bad, bad, bad for your body. Oh well. Can't win 'em all.
Immediately after eating my lunch, I got my sense of balance back. I'd been convinced for some reason that eating would give me a surge of energy, but it did the opposite. It tired me out. However, since it was Sunday (and I apparently timed this fast incredibly well), I was able to nap as long as I wanted to. When I woke up, I steamed up some more vegetables, poured another glass of (less) diluted grape juice, and heated up some squash soup. It was all delicious, but I wasn't able to feel truly full (because I was eating next to nothing, go figure). Regardless, I decided my body had had enough nourishment for the first day and went to bed early.

Overall, my fast was a very positive experience. I'm not sure I personally know anyone else who has voluntarily gone five straight days without eating (I could be wrong, who knows?), and that gives me a small sense of social accomplishment on top of the inner personal accomplishment I feel for planning this out, setting goals, and seeing it through. I'm sure my water weight will be coming back on this week, but I know that I have the opportunity to keep it off by eating the right way. As strange as it sounds, I am keenly more aware of the food that is available to me on a daily basis, and I really have very little interest in eating anything unhealthy at the moment. That might sound like a cliché, but it's actually true.

Now the trick is to keep this frame of mind for the long run..

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