Monday, January 12, 2015

Days 4 & 5 -- Water Fast


I'm official in ketosis, y'all! I woke up this morning (before my alarm clock) with a jolt of energy and a complete LACK of hunger! Oh man, it felt so good. And my dreams the night before were pretty vivid, in a good way. Everything was going well until I got in the shower. After about five minutes I think the heat/stem sort of got to me, and I had to turn off the water and sit down on the marble ledge in my shower to regain my composure. Once I felt like the dizziness and nausea had passed, I turned the water back on to a very mild temperature and finished rinsing off.

Then, I noticed something odd after my shower. My face is always, always bright red when I get out of the shower no matter how hot (or cold) the water was. I've been to a dermatologist about it, but was assured that it was probably nothing. This morning, my face was almost pallid when I sat down to do my makeup. Now, this could be one of three things -- either a result from turning down the water heat (which I doubt, as my face is still red after coming out of a cold swimming pool), a sign of my body disposing of toxins in my blood (which is a common occurrence during fasting), or proof that my body truly is "healing" itself from the inside out and has rid my face of whatever this pigmentation problem was. I'm interested to see, going forward, if my skin returns to its normal redness after showers, or if fasting has eliminated that problem for me. I guess time will tell.

Otherwise, today was a pretty easy day. Standing up is a bit of a process.. I have to do it slowly so I don't get dizzy, but once I'm standing I'm fine. No hunger pangs at all today.. just an odd feeling in my stomach, and lots of stomach rumbling (I have no idea what's going on in there, but I trust my body to do the job it was intended to do). Overall, a pretty good day!


I'd read several places that days 4-6 can be a little overwhelming (fatigue-wise) and most people opt to sleep through them. Today is Saturday, so I actually have that option. However, I woke up at my regular time and was itching to get out of the house. So I went to the grocery store to pick up all the foods I needed for the post-fast phase. It took me a little longer to walk (like, noticeably.. I felt like I was a grandmother) through the aisles, but I took my time and didn't try to rush myself. And I ended up getting perhaps a little more than I should have, but I think I ended up with a perfect hauls. Everything I'm going to need in the days to come, once I start my digestive system up again.

Seen here: Apples, watermelon, blueberries, fruit bowl (these are going to be most important in the first day or two of refeeding), corn soup, vegetable broth, yogurt, grape juice, apple juice, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, squash, pomegranate seeds, sugar-free applesauce, coconut water, cashews, eggs, and mixed vegetables. All should be broken down into phases during the days after I start eating again, but at least I have plenty to choose from.

I felt pretty good today, and once I returned from the grocery store I relaxed and watched movies all day long. Around 6:00 I started getting antsy, so J and I ventured out to a friend's barbecue to watch the Panthers play the Seahawks in the playoffs. Strangely enough, it wasn't hard to sit there and watch everyone chow down on food as I sipped from my water bottle. I'm not sure if it was the food itself, but I really had no desire to partake in any of it. Okay, maybe I was eyeing the roasted potatoes a little bit. But it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. Knowing that tomorrow is my last day, I feel strong enough to resist any fleeting cravings I might have. That, and the fact that I'm down ten pounds, keeps me going strong.

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