Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crock Pot Pork Loin

I decided to mix it up a bit this week and cook a pork loin for dinner. I found a recipe here for cooking the pork loin in the crock pot.. and y'all know how much I love a good crock pot recipe. It turned out to be rather easy, and I was able to add mushrooms into the mix to give it a little more flavor.
The instructions were simple -- just place the pork loin and 1 packet of dry onion soup mix in the crockpot, mix together 3/4 cup of red wine (I may have used a little more..), 1 cup water, 3 tablespoons soy sauce, and 3 tablespoons minced garlic and pour the mixture over the pork loin, making sure it gets coated completely. It really doesn't get much simpler than that. Place the crock pot on low heat for about 4 hours, and let that bad boy cook away. Delicious smells will waft through your house in the meantime.
I had plenty of leftovers (strangely enough, I'm not capable of eating a 2 pound pork loin by myself in one sitting), and they seem to hold up well in the fridge. This will probably serve as my dinner for the next several nights, which is totally fine by me.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Springtime Blooms

This is the first spring I've spent in this house, and I must say that the yard is in the most beautiful full bloom I've ever seen! I got some great shots of the azaleas this weekend, and Beau decided he wanted to be a part of the action too. It must be said -- North Carolina truly is breathtaking, especially in the Spring and Fall.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Planter Painting!

Here's a fun little fact about me that y'all might not know.. I'm the least DIY-capable person I know. Granted, when you give me a simple task, like say.. painting white planters black, I'll sure as hell give it a shot (especially when the comparable black planters run about $60 each). As it turns out, this was one of my easier -- and more successful projects. So let's just do a quick recap in photos to document my artistic skill (because it doesn't appear often..)
They're washed and ready..
I've had these things since college.. so there's a good amount of wear and tear on 'em.
Ebony and ivory..
Ignore the pollen.. that there planter is as black as they come.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Parable of the Poor Farmer

I read this earlier today, and I keep thinking about it. It's really a great way to approach life, so I felt like I needed to share.

The Parable of the Poor Farmer
Once upon a time, there once was a poor old man who owned a beautiful white horse. Whenever noblemen passed through the village, they always noticed the horse and offered handsome sums of money for the stallion. The old farmer always declined their offers, saying, “This horse is my friend. How can I sell my friend?”

One morning the old man awoke to find the horse was gone. The village people gathered. “You were a fool not to sell the horse,” they said. “You could have been wealthy! Now it has been stolen, and you have nothing. It is a great misfortune!”

But the old farmer replied, “I wouldn’t say that. Whether the horse was stolen or not, or whether it is a misfortune or a blessing, is unknown. All we know is that the horse is not in the stable.”

Some days later the horse returned, bringing several beautiful wild mares. Again the village people gathered. “You were right,” they said. “The horse was not stolen, and it was not a misfortune. It was a blessing, and now you have many fine horses!”

But the old farmer replied, “Again you go too far. We don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. All we know is the horse is back. Whether it is a blessing or a misfortune is unknown.”

See the source imageSome days later the old man’s only son began to train the wild mares, but he was thrown and trampled, and one of his legs was badly broken. The village people were saddened. “You were right,” they said. “It was not a blessing but a great misfortune, and now your only son is lame!"

But the old farmer replied, “Don’t say it’s a good thing, don’t say it’s a bad thing, just say my son has broken his leg. Whether it is a blessing or a misfortune is unknown.”

A few weeks later the country went to war, and all the able bodied young men were forcibly taken for the military. Only the old man’s son was passed over, because his leg was broken. The whole village was crying and weeping, for they believed their sons would be killed. “You were right,” they said. “Your son’s injury was a blessing. Your son may be crippled, but he is with you, while our sons are gone forever!”

The old farmer simply shook his head and said, “We don’t know if it’s good or bad that my son is here, and your sons are not. We will wait and see. ”

The moral of the parable: nothing is good or bad in itself. Always wait and see before you judge something that happens in your life or relationship.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Brunch: Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday! I had decided weeks beforehand to take a risk and host an Easter brunch for my family, which turned out much better than I expected! Most importantly, as is always the case, the only way to really get me to clean the house is to give me a deadline involving guests coming over. And it worked like a charm! I got most of my spring cleaning out of the way this weekend (including some yard work, which I'll tell you guys about later).
The final result was a pretty good one. The house looked better than it had in ages, and my food turned out to be a real success! I had steamed asparagus, bacon and sour cream deviled eggs (I'll share that recipe at some point), crescent rolls, a Honeybaked Ham, mashed potatoes, cheesy zucchini and squash, and my mom brought her famous mushroom and rice casserole. I missed the opportunity to take pictures of the food, but I did get some pretty good shots of the house before everyone arrived.

The Rug Doctor ended up ruining my carpets, as you can see.
More on that later.

Beau was so proud of his Easter tux.