Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Brunch: Recap

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday! I had decided weeks beforehand to take a risk and host an Easter brunch for my family, which turned out much better than I expected! Most importantly, as is always the case, the only way to really get me to clean the house is to give me a deadline involving guests coming over. And it worked like a charm! I got most of my spring cleaning out of the way this weekend (including some yard work, which I'll tell you guys about later).
The final result was a pretty good one. The house looked better than it had in ages, and my food turned out to be a real success! I had steamed asparagus, bacon and sour cream deviled eggs (I'll share that recipe at some point), crescent rolls, a Honeybaked Ham, mashed potatoes, cheesy zucchini and squash, and my mom brought her famous mushroom and rice casserole. I missed the opportunity to take pictures of the food, but I did get some pretty good shots of the house before everyone arrived.

The Rug Doctor ended up ruining my carpets, as you can see.
More on that later.

Beau was so proud of his Easter tux.

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