Monday, August 24, 2015

San Francisco (Part Three)

Okay, guys. Here's my last batch of pictures from San Francisco. Like I said, I took way too many pictures that week, but there was just so much to see!
Wall mural in Haight-Ashbury.
The Bay Bridge

They called these little things "Go Cars". They were everywhere.
Picture of the Boardwalk down near Pier 39.

Dock in Sausalito.

An Anchor Steam beer at Top of the Mark

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

The Financial District.

Top of the Mark, the restaurant/bar in our hotel.

View of the skyline from the Rocket Boat.
San Francisco Opera House.


Haight-Ashbury Sports Park.

Interesting view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

View of the skyline along with the ballpark.

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