Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Things About Me

I think far too often we are too busy trying to fit in with our surroundings to remember the things about us that make us individuals. Everyone has different experiences and characteristics and personality traits that make us unlike anyone else. At times, it's easy to lose sight of our individuality in our constant attempts to belong to a larger social order.

I'm a writer. I completed a five-day water fast earlier this year. I have two dogs who are the center of my life. I can't stand Jimmy Buffett. My favorite U.S. city is New Orleans.  I've totaled two cars. In college I got to hang out with the Bone Thugs in Harmony on their tour bus. I'm a pretty decent cook. I'm petrified of snakes. I can rap Gangsta's Paradise in its entirety. I'm a fan of scotch. I have a written bucket list. I've never broken a bone. I'm fascinated by sociology and how humans conduct 90% of their communication through body language. I've seen the Atlantic coastline from a helicopter. I learned to sail when I was younger, but I've forgotten how over the years. I despise the sound of windshield wipers on a dry windshield. At the age of 18 I moved to a town in which I knew no one halfway across the country. I once testified to a deposition in court on behalf of an absent witness. I can't stand spicy food. I've written a manuscript.

And clearly there's plenty more, but it won't come to mind at the moment. Just make sure to occasionally remember the things that make you different, not the things that make you blend in.

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