Monday, September 21, 2015

Beating Bama

Good grief. Y'all. If you're not into football or you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, let me be the one to tell you the good news -- Ole Miss beat Alabama 43-37 IN TUSCALOOSA on Saturday night. This is the second time in the HISTORY of our football program that we were able to win against Bama in their own stadium. Not to mention the fact that we won back-to-back games against this team, and that's not an easy feat (apparently it's only been done a handful of times by LSU). See the source image

We're currently tied for 3rd in the AP College Football Poll. As long as we're able to beat LSU and Texas A&M (both home games) later this season, people are saying that we're a shoe-in to win the College Football Championship at the end of the year. My ex placed a bet on Ole Miss winning the championship when he was in Vegas earlier this year (ostensibly as a joke), and I'm holding on to that ticket. Let's cross our fingers that I'll be collecting a hefty little sum later on this year. Maybe it's time that people stopped joking about our football program and started taking notice that we've officially ARRIVED on the scene.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Getting My "Gameday" On

I found this post of mine from around this time last year, and I think it proves remarkably relevant for the Ole Miss game tomorrow, so enjoy.

It starts out with all my coworkers asking how nervous I am. They want to know if I think the team is prepared, if they have the skills to win, if I have money riding on the game.
nervous animated GIF

Am I nervous? Hell, I can barely concentrate on anything else.
coffee animated GIF

On Saturday morning I try (unsuccessfully) to maintain my composure and go through my usual routine.
drunk animated GIF

Waiting for kickoff is the hardest part.
katy perry animated GIF

Gotta pour myself a drink and get my game face on.
funny animated GIF

Coach Freeze will inevitably get angry with one of the referees.
football animated GIF

And so will I.

There will be times of mixed emotions.
Harry Potter

But at times I'll get myself way too excited.
girl animated GIF

The game will bring mixed emotions among my group of friends
snl animated GIF

I'll need a break at halftime to calm my nerves.
RealityTVGIFs animated GIF

We'll either lose the game..
sad animated GIF

Or we'll win.
fan animated GIF

Either way, I'll be proud of my Rebels.

And if all else fails, I'll just remember the time we beat Alabama.

Life Lately

I don't deserve to call myself a "blogger" at this point because I've honestly become so unbelievably terrible at keeping up with this thing. Either way, I promised you guys an update on the goings-on around here, so let's go ahead and cut to the chase.

At first I wasn't really planning on telling many people this (and to be honest I've really only told a select few of my close friends), but my dad was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. I've done some research into it, and it doesn't seem to be as serious a condition as some other cancers, so there's that. He's having his prostate removed at the end of October and, according to his doctors, that's really the only treatment needed at this point. He scored in the middle range on the Gleason Scale, and it doesn't appear that the cancer has spread elsewhere. So I'm just sort of holding my breath and expecting that his surgery will go well and that the problem will be handled quickly and effectively.

Chad Kelly, Ole Miss QB
On a much happier note, football season is among us! As you may have seen, I'm already busy looking forward to the Ole Miss - Alabama game tomorrow night ("looking forward to" might be a bit of an understatement). I have so much confidence in our new QB Chad Kelly and I know that our defense is one of the strongest in the country. A victory against #2 Alabama would pretty much guarantee us a chance to win the SEC championship. But that's all just a pipe dream until we prove we can actually do it. If you're a football fan, I highly recommend you tune in to ESPN tomorrow night at 9:15 p.m. for the game -- it's going to be a close one.

Work is crazy right now. Out of nowhere, our summer slump disappeared into thin air and everyone is juggling a little more than they can handle at the moment. But to be honest.. I'm totally fine with it. I'd rather have too much to do than not enough. That being said, this blog will probably be a little neglected (as if it isn't already) in the coming months until things calm down.

My birthday was fantastic. I received so many well wishes from my friends, family and coworkers that it really does put into focus how blessed I am. I was treated to many birthday lunches and happy hour drinks this week (speaking of which.. the diet starts Monday) by so many different people. I'm not saying I've accepted the one-year-closer-to-thirty mentality quite yet, but so far it's been made easy for me. I can't imagine what this year will bring, but I'm excited to find out.

Anyhow, that's about all I know at the moment. I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend and be sure to tune in to the game tomorrow night!!

Hotty Toddy, y'all!