Monday, September 21, 2015

Beating Bama

Good grief. Y'all. If you're not into football or you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, let me be the one to tell you the good news -- Ole Miss beat Alabama 43-37 IN TUSCALOOSA on Saturday night. This is the second time in the HISTORY of our football program that we were able to win against Bama in their own stadium. Not to mention the fact that we won back-to-back games against this team, and that's not an easy feat (apparently it's only been done a handful of times by LSU). See the source image

We're currently tied for 3rd in the AP College Football Poll. As long as we're able to beat LSU and Texas A&M (both home games) later this season, people are saying that we're a shoe-in to win the College Football Championship at the end of the year. My ex placed a bet on Ole Miss winning the championship when he was in Vegas earlier this year (ostensibly as a joke), and I'm holding on to that ticket. Let's cross our fingers that I'll be collecting a hefty little sum later on this year. Maybe it's time that people stopped joking about our football program and started taking notice that we've officially ARRIVED on the scene.


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